About RB&W

RB&W Corporation is a leader in cold-forming technology and is one of the largest producers of cold-formed parts in the U.S. RB&W Corporation’s industrial products and engineering expertise have provided a variety of industries worldwide with innovative and effective manufacturing solutions. Our company has served the needs of the transportation industry since its embryonic stage. Today, RB&W Corporation cold-formed and manufactured fastener products are found on millions of cars and trucks in hundreds of critical applications. We continue to grow as an important source for customers in the automotive and automotive aftermarket industries.

What Sets Us Apart

  • RB&W provides creatively engineered cost-saving solutions for countless OEMs and their sub-suppliers since 1845
  • Uphold high quality standards that are required for success
  • Dedicated professionals provide fastening and cold-forming solutions at every level of our organization
  • We strive for excellence in productivity, engineering, marketing and timely customer service
  • RB&W provides solutions in fastening and metal forming through quality, service and technology