RB&W Corporation

Accessibility Statement

This policy applies to all employees at RB & W. Likewise any customers or third parties that enter our premises are expected to abide by the following principals.

RB&W is committed to give people with disabilities the same treatment as any other individual.We strive for excellence in productivity and delivering outstanding customer service. Our commitment is to satisfy our customers' needs while respecting the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. We will ensure that people with disabilities have similar access as those without disabilities when entering our premises and ensure that they will receive the same level of attention/service. We will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their challenges. We will make sure that we provide fully accessible telephone service to all individuals we deal with. We will train staff to communicate in clear and plain language and to speak clearly and slowly, as might be required. We will offer to communicate with individuals by e-mail or other online methods, if telephone communication is not suitable to their communication needs or telephone is not available.